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A Brief Evaluation Involving a Patient Suffering a Possible Miscarriage

This 13-page undergraduate essay considers a case study of Marsha, a 25-year-old female who has suffered one miscarriage already and who is experiencing pain and vaginal bleeding. In this case, the patient has no previous illness. Marsha is in good health, and her pregnancy was confirmed by a general Practitioner three days ago. Marsha is in her first trimester, approximately 8-10 weeks gestational age. She is allergic to Penicillin and is currently using no medications. The patient is awake, anxious, and is able to obey commands. Her airway is open and clear. Her breathing is R 20, and she is talking in complete sentences. The lungs sound clear bilaterally. The patient?s skin is pale, cool and dry. The radial pulse is 90 and regular and blood pressure is 112/84. The Pulse Oximetry sensor readings for this patient reads ERROR The abdomen is soft and tender to palpation in lower quadrants. Bright red blood appears on sanitary pad which was changed at least four times today. The patient has a history of recreational drug use but denies any usage in the last two weeks. The patient is experiencing orthostatic changes to blood pressure. The vital signs are BP 80/62 with pulse at 110. Her blood sugar is within normal limits. This essay answers a number of questions about the case, including ?State Marsha?s preliminary diagnosis and clearly explain the pathophysiological process of this condition. Explain why the pulse oximetry reading was unobtainable. What is significant about her history of recreational drug use? Discuss the significance of a pregnant patient with orthostatic changes to blood pressure and pulse rate. What is Marsha at risk of developing? Discuss any other information (historical, physical etc.) that would assist you with this case. Describe the appropriate treatment plan for this patient. Clearly explain the rationale for each step. Describe two other medical conditions that would cause vaginal bleeding in a non pregnant woman that are not associated with trauma?.

  • Pages: 13
  • Bibliography: 8 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 20619 Case Miscarriage Diagnosis.doc

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