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Abortion and the Right to Die.

This paper discusses two major issues of abortion and the right to die. Abortion -- Virtually everyone knows that abortion is the (intentional) termination of pregnancy before birth, but not everyone is agreed on whether it is moral or immoral, because of differing beliefs and opinions as to when the fetus starts to become a person and which is when the termination becomes murder (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance 2003). The decision as to whether to obtain an abortion or not has been the focus of social, political, legal and moral uproar between pro-life and pro-choice force, swinging from one end to the other and forced by divergent opinions. Euthanasia - the act of intentionally causing the painless death of a sick person, usually performed by a physician, passively by not doing anything to prevent the death of the sick person, or actively by directly playing a role to cause it (CgiScripts.net).

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